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What’s Your Super-Power? Know it & Grow it.

What’s Your Super-Power? Know it & Grow it.

We all have skills. They vary one person to the next. We’ve developed our existing skills and added new ones. It’s the intentional exercising of these strengths that allow us to achieve reward and joy.

We also have a gift, of which we may or may not be conscious.

What is it? You can find it and grow it to lift your sense of purpose and shift into a positive mindset, expand self-awareness and enjoy life.

I can’t remember exactly when I became aware of mine. Reflecting, I think it was when I was young, in my development years, like my teens. It’s a bit tricky because there isn’t the rich context of application that became more apparent in my professional years. What is clear is that the pattern kept repeating. It manifested in my life without any conscious intention.

My super-power? It’s the ability to see an issue, a problem or challenge, from multiple perspectives (different angles) at the same time and envision variable approaches. It is easy and natural for me to conceive creative solutions and envision new concepts. Perhaps some call it intuition, but that seems way to broad and esoteric to make any sense to me. I think it’s as simple as accepting how my brain is wired.

The temptation we experience is to dismiss our super-power, so we can feel more normal and fit in better.

What I learned later in life was this gift, when exercised, taught me (required me) to listen well. Actively listening with focus and empathy allowed me to fully explore and process input. The super-power showed up in relationships, business opportunities, solution design, crisis and chaos, conceptual creation, strategic planning and bunch of business ventures. Understanding and using this gift led to more rapid adjustments, course changes, and the ability to help others through transformation.

Expressing this self-awareness is a bit uncomfortable – feeling exposed and vulnerable, but it is a real thing, uncommon and peculiar. The temptation we experience is to dismiss our super-power, so we can feel more normal and fit in better. Who really wants to be an aberration? Those super heroes seem rather freaky and lonely.

Pause for a moment and reflect on a reoccurring pattern in your life. We see examples in artists, mathematicians, inventors, teachers, caregivers, leaders, friends and team mates. It’s around us everyday and we often recognize it in others but can’t see it in ourselves – because we aren’t looking.

Look. Day dream. Reflect. Open yourself to vulnerability and push away your ego. Your super-power is calling you to recognize it and let it out to play!

If you would like to have a chat about yours, simply call me. It’s not what I do so I’m not selling anything – It’s just really fun helping people. You’ll amaze yourself as others always amaze me.

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