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Expertise & Contact

My mission is simply to help as many people as I can discover their potential,

embrace a growth mindset and achieve at inspired levels individually,

as a brilliant team and for the betterment of their company and community.


My passion is to teach what I discovered through experience but was never taught.

In 2016 I dove deep into the research of high achievement from a scientific, psychological, organizational and relational basis,

coupled with a thorough assessment and feedback of my past experiences

building and successfully leading teams through chaotic transformations.


Following many years in advertising and marketing, I launched early stage start-ups, led M&A initiatives for publicly traded tech companies,

and empowered transformation through highly skilled teams in complex businesses.

My teams consistently beat the challenge, learned a lot and had some fun.

These experiences sparked my passion for consulting and bringing the concept of

“Genuine Talent” and “Believership” to people with the “I AM TEAM” program.


Business is challenged to accelerate at the pace of change internally with team belief and externally with market and client influences.

Therefore, I created I-AM-TEAM framework to kick it into gear, excite, and grow!


You can contact me using the form below or

email me or call me at 612-812-7684

My home base is MINNEAPOLIS, MN  – My clients are global.

I am excited to hear from you. ASK Me for a free consultation!