Keynotes & Speaking • MJVacanti - Inspire
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Keynotes & Speaking


Inspired and Supported are the keys to people reaching their full capability, and then expanding to new heights.



Leadership in two words: LIFT OTHERS.



To succeed in this new era of business, we must embrace change, constantly learn and exercise a mindset of possibility.


Our reliance on and accountability to others, the quality of our relationships and the eager fulfillment of diversity and growth on every level are the energizing actions to excel beyond limitations.




I deliver practical and relevant talks addressing the pressing issues we face today:

  • Believership: The Superpower Beyond Leadership
  • New Leadership in this Era of Rapid Change
  • Innovation on Demand: Redefining Possibilities
  • Becoming Navigators for the Future
  • High Achieving People and Teams: A Framework for Success


Working with major corporations across the globe, I customize presentations and focus on the key messages and objectives needed to accelerate your success.



Please connect to explore your possibilities with a free consultation!