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Spark Performance During Change

Spark Performance During Change

Most of us have been through productivity training. The training has been focused on tools, platforms, methods and processes specific to a professional discipline. In technology, cloud innovation and adoption requires new thinking to achieve the transformative promise, and therefore needs strong education, training and leadership. As solutions become more ambiguous and often times less “packaged” or less aligned to straightforward product/software implementations, the business development approach needs refreshing at a minimum but more likely demands  revision.

Leadership is the area of focus for this post. Lets start with a question, “if everything is changing, how can old training programs deliver value?” Well, they can’t. Not in the staid fashion from which they were created. For a program to be highly valuable during transformative periods, it must also be adapted to fit the time and the need. The leader can bring value to the team by creatively fitting the methods and processes into current challenges; real world experiences. A leader must listen first, then analyze and understand the issues and gaps to apply training that will immediate help the team.

We are operating in an exciting and changing environment and the way we bring focus and assistance to our teams is a critical responsibility. The training programs, the methods and tools require the same fluidity as the market is demanding of our teams. It is a great time to bring value to every individual on the team, and to get it done well, flexibility and ambiguity must be harnessed. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will be less valuable than a portable DVD player for the recipient. Everyone’s strengths and gaps are different and the approaches must match the need. It just got harder, but should be more fun for the great leaders in today’s exciting business world.

  • Helene
    Posted at 10:16h, 30 December Reply

    I feel so much happier now I unersdtand all this. Thanks!

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