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Great Teams: Unlock the Magic

Great Teams: Unlock the Magic

Unlock the magic of GREAT TEAMS

And there is was – The breakthrough. Months of work, creation and client engagements came from hundreds of conversations, it wasn’t automatic and it was not easy. The quest to help companies grow went through iterations shaped by the “no’s,” the feedback, the presentations, the requests – simply the trial and error of an entrepreneurial launch.

You Added Value, and I Thank You!

My former colleagues, clients, friends and new associates, I thank you! To the leaders that failed, those that succeeded and the innovative that inspire, I thank you. It was your engagement that has fueled this period of invention and exploration, the long and lonely hours of writing my book and the billable work that blessed my path with the simple yet faithful steps of progress.

Now I get to do what I love the most – Inspire teams to be GREAT!

When I launched in 2016, I knew that the good fortune of my experiences would help companies accelerate their growth and build a spirit of possibility that was beyond the historic norms. I knew that passion and pain and trial and error, persistence, perspective and an open heart with open communication would change minds and inspire. I knew that the pace of business was at a crawl and that people wanted more. So, I created the BURST Performance Program to drive innovation, team performance, personal and personnel development and focused on what every business should desire: More, better, faster.


I sought out dozens of pros that journeyed before me in the consulting business. I asked advice and shared my vision. To a person, 100% expressed caution – Mike, do not promise results in 90 days, “that’s suicide,” said a few, “it’s irresponsible,” and “it can’t be done” said others. Because the comments were unanimous, it convinced me — That’s exactly what I am going to do – make an impact, make it fast, make it last and move on!

What’s up today?

Teams. Great teams – High-Performing Teams, that’s the magic of today. One of those great friends offering feedback and guidance looked at the progress over time and challenged me with this notion: “If you’re so confident that significant results can happen in a quarter, and your client’s are exemplifying these results, and you have influenced team performance at the executive and operational and field levels, can you shrink your 90-day consulting gig into a 1-Day workshop and teach teams to be great?”

Of course I thought ‘yes,’ but hesitantly because shifting thinking and behaviors over a 90-day period to spark a positive change in results was already chiseling against the grain. So 30-days or 7-days seemed like a big order – but a day, 1-day – “ok, I’ll do it.”

What’s the next step? “Teach the How and Why”

‘High performance teams’ was first coined in 1956 as a notion of operational management. There are great references along the timeline from Drucker to Maxwell and modernly from Cervais’s “Win Forever” and Don Yaeger’s new “Great Teams.”

What was now needed to fill a huge gap, was a modern, practical, hands-on approach that would inspire people operating in the most complex and already innovative environments of technology, cloud, IoT, CX and digital transformation.

Here is the snap shot of teams and great teams:

Core principles of all teams has been taught forever and experienced through ropes courses, falling backwards, bowling, how-to books and other really silly “one-size-fits-all” generic-isms.

1. Trust

2. Respect

3. Empathy

Critical, important, common and uninspiring.

What makes teams great? High-performing teams operate on a different plane, have a foundation and belief that transcends the common – and it can be learned. Great teams have:




High preforming teams, great teams have both sets – all 6 of these elements.

Want to get there? Give me 1-day with your team and you’ll see the results, immediately and lasting.

BURST Performance for Teams.

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