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The day of acceptance for a new job is an exciting one. All the good motivators bounce around in your head and your gut; Anticipation, ambition, a little fear of the unknown, new digs/people/clients and activities await, and the past career chapter is officially complete. A fresh start with new challenges and the promise of satisfying rewards. I’ve done it a few times and it feels good with the adrenaline spike of possibilities and a renewed sense of adventure and purpose.

After spending some calendar-time and many personal cycles on searching for the right fit – an innovative business with strong upside, valuable and timely market offerings, the right leadership with a growth mindset both fiscally and intellectually – I finally landed!


Research and validation was complete and the decision was made. What a great day, a bold first step – I couldn’t wait to get started. The time was now, and there was no hesitation. Impressively, it was a simple onboarding process and only minimal barriers to ramp up and I was ready to start knocking down objectives:


What it meant to package my experience: Through the process of extensive interview cycles with companies that I felt worth my effort and in need of my attitude, approach and experience, I discovered, or perhaps just validated, where my passion explodes. Because I love to jump in both feet, I researched diligently, asked questions, interviewed 3rd parties to gain insight and engaged with the hiring company during my search period. And I gave them all “free milk.” With a belief that offering ideas and value through the exploration process is a candidate’s responsibility and in most cases a differentiator, I took the risk and prepared ideas. And I shared them. In a couple of particular cases, I offered a consulting engagement to get the CEO objectives launched while the “team” pondered endlessly about making a decision. (BTW, red-flag for all of you job seekers). The next obvious step was to get out and create this value as an offering to a larger audience. It was the same issue again and again.


This new start was similar to any other new job start, dropping the rock of the past and diving into learning while embracing ambiguity, but a questions loomed:

Who were my new colleagues?

What did the client base look like and how did they buy?

What were the strengths and new learning to apply?

Because I still laugh and have fun like a ‘Kid-at-Heart,’ I just went head on with a simple, straight forward approach. I was depending on my high energy and passion while I dove into my network and started the humbling process of jumping up and down waving my arms to start gaining some attention to my ‘new job.’

Familiar as any past fresh start, was my compelling desire to coach and mentor hit full, glorious bloom. My offering was clear, and the need was confirmed. Problems are easy to ID – Solutions come from a thorough process. I knew that I could get to the issues and orchestrate a rapid process to create and execute solutions – I named it ‘FAST-FORWARD.’

What is the value? Quick wins and client satisfaction!

What is the offer? Give me a call.

You can find me at

Site kinda sucks right now, but speed is exponentially more important than perfection, and forward motion – fast-forward motion – brings all things into a better, clearer perspective allowing iterative gains in the pursuit of elusive perfection.

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