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16 Dumb Cliches to Purge for 2018

16 Dumb Cliches to Purge for 2018

Kicking off the new year, looking forward to the journey ahead, your most critical decision is what to leave behind. Dropping the junk in your head and heart will allow space for inspiration, inviting in the new experiences, new people and new ideas for the coming year.

On my “drop list” are the mind-numbing, age-old cliches that have somehow become “truths” but, are anchors to limiting beliefs, barriers to growth – actually lies. Let go of dumb things that you’ve been told all of your lives and open up your mind to a better future.

Here is my flush bucket:

  1. Go the extra mile: Stay focused on the race you’re in. Be present in every step. Sometimes more is just more and the extra effort does not create extra value. Win the moment.
  2. Actions speak louder than words: Seriously stupid. Actions support words and words reflect actions. Use each wisely, with proper intention. Words and action are not contentious. People love creating conflict, so ignore it.
  3. Better safe than sorry: Safe IS sorry! Stop sitting still and start exploring life. This is a key to open-mindedness.
  4. Boys will be boys: Step up and be a MAN! Everyone is better with diversity and inclusion.
  5. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you: The adage that keeps you compliant, powerless and enslaved – Chomp away (gracefully).
  6. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em: Again, what the hell was going on here? Stop surrendering – Go Win! You deserve what you believe.
  7. Let sleeping dogs lie: Right, by all means, avoid real conversations, people and situations that might spark interaction and healthy conflict. Wake that pup and play with him.
  8. Opportunity only knocks once: Hahaha. This screams limitation and compliance. NO!
  9. Out of sight, out of mind: Just dumb. Be present and remain focused on what really matters – in view or not.
  10. It is what it is: Your Mom gets a pass on this one – let this rest in her sole possession, she deserves it. Your age and the weather “are what they are,” everything else can change. Make it happen!
  11. The ends justify the means: Lack of integrity in full color with this excuse for screwing humanity.
  12. The more things change, the more they stay the same: So, keep your head down – don’t read – don’t grow – don’t experiment and learn and think… Just surrender to what you’re told. Ouch!
  13. Level the playing field: Hierarchy is part of life. Someone is stronger, smarter, wealthier, more kind, patient, caring, giving, etc… Don’t waste time with this crap!
  14. Don’t rock the boat: Do as you’re told – You don’t have a voice, rights or ability unless you’re told it is so. Stand up, and prepare to enjoy the swim.
  15. All things being equal: NOTHING is equal. Get over it.
  16. Forgive and forget: Learning to forgive is the least discussed, most absent and most important attribute for learning, growing and staying positive. People make mistakes. However, you don’t have to forget – that would be ignorant. So forgive and move-on.

You can grow. Everything changes.

We are biologically programmed for change. Years, seasons, physical growth and aging, learning, reasoning and interpretation of experiences, relationships and circumstance.

Forever pounded with dumb sayings to hold you in chains and surrender to falsely perceived limitations – letting go is the most critical decision to make this year. Strip yourself of these burdens and lies and you’ll be lifted into a healthy mindset to explore the greatness in front of you for 2018.

Happy New Year!

  • Rhonda R. Hudgins
    Posted at 20:23h, 17 February Reply

    Until today, I had never heard of you, not being rude, being honest. Someone shared one of your tweets and it was GREAT! I shared it both on and off Twitter. Shared a quote from your website on my Facebook timeline, and continued my mission to find out more about you. Love this list … agree with you on 75% of them needing to be flushed and think the other 24% are applicable in certain circumstances. However, I have to ask, do you have sons? As a Mom of 3, adult sons, I do understand the “boys will be boys”, but I do agree there comes a time for them to grow up and be men. I look forward to learning more about MJ Vacanti, coach, consultant and more.

    • Mike Vacanti
      Posted at 16:58h, 19 February Reply

      Hi Rhonda!
      I love that you engaged and sent this message. Thank you for your feedback, and also for sharing. Let’s connect via email – my action – and I am very interested the ‘iffy’ 25% 🙂

      Yes, one son and four daughters. Came from a family of 3 boys…

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