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#1 Difference Between Managing and Leading

#1 Difference Between Managing and Leading

This topic is often discussed, debated and will remain fluid. There is not a simple truth, it is a stream from black to white with the “honeypot” somewhere in the grey.

I have worked for many managers and navigated strategic transformations through acquisitions, roll ups, executive leadership changes and a host of disruptive forces both internal and external. My teams have performed well and my focus was always on the employee experience, empowering their individual and combined growth and connecting the business to the people with transparency and respect. I have seen the good, the bad and the really ugly.

Through these decades of experience, I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and grow with direct connection to some of the business world’s thought leaders. To emphasize the #1 difference between managing and leading, I will point to two of them:

The NUMBER ONE difference is this:

Business is Managed  —  People are Led

The book “Good to Great” highlights the best practices of companies that manage their business. “Multipliers” is focused on leading people.

Both are critical. Each requires, skills, process, philosophy and focused execution. And they are different – not opposed in a black and white manor, but separate enough to identify the best way to approach BOTH disciplines!

Have a plan for success in each discipline. Avoid mashing them together.

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